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Bug Report7950NoQuestsLowNewTaladQuest phrases to remove at certain steps30.11.20231 Task Description

As reported by Stalfos

“Something’s Brewing” If you accept Narwin’s drink ““Thought you’ nev’ offer!…” the other option doesn’t disappear: “How many times must I tell you,…” you can’t get the kegs until you click it. Later Jarda also has both options available, the drunken and sober speech options.

“Kimlorm Needs a New Prayer Book”, “Kimlorm sent me” remains an option after you have clicked it.

Bug Report7949NoNPC DialogMediumUnconfirmedStalfosMay Their Words Sound - Jardet does not recognise input29.11.2023 Task Description

If you say Mark Crystal, Turn over Crystal, Raise Crystal he tells you about crystals, trying mark etc on their own he says this isn’t right.

Also what Azarnith says earlier is not shown in any logs, after you say [You nod again to Azarnith and hand him the crystal.] nothing of what he says shows up in the chat window or logs, even with NPC dialog selected for logging.

Bug Report7948NoModels and MapsMediumUnconfirmedStalfosRitual of Remembrance does not allow House of Power acc...28.11.2023 Task Description

You are supposed to be able to go see Niala, but the door does not work if you haven’t already got house of power access.

Bug Report7945NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDaevaornHard to leave the winch, portal too small to find19.11.2023 Task Description

If inside the Winch quarter in Hydlaa it is difficult to leave towards Plaza.

The right-clickable portal area on the gate encompasses only a small part of the door around knee height. This used to be as big as the entire door and should be again.

Bug Report7944NoTraining & SkillsHighFixed pending releaseStalfosStats Trainers do not work26.11.202311 Task Description

I’ve tried two that used to train a stat for the level one of my characters is at, and there are no options to train it, when using train from the context menu.

All stats shown, nothing different for the stats the trainer used to train.

Quite critical as noobs will remain so until they can train stats

Bug Report7943NoBugtrackerLowReady to testDaevaornTips/MotD database needs adaption to UR client26.11.20231 Task Description

The hints being displayed at the bottom of the loadscreen need an overhaul in order to adapt them to the UR client.

Example: I just got the message to “Press <M> to change camera view.” which is legagy configuration-related.

Apart from that the loadscreen is seen much more rarely than before and on a quick machine like mine it is not displayed long enough to actually read the longer messages.

Maybe a doubling of the tips in the main chat on login would make sense.

Bug Report7942NoInventory/ItemsCriticalFixed pending releaseStalfosItems can be lost through trading29.11.20233 Task Description

Trading can cause items to be lost, if at least one of the traders doesn’t have enough space, even if he is giving away items too, to free up space.

Had 1 space, was giving away 3 items, and receiving 3 items, so all should be fine.

1 item received into main inventory, 1 item appeared in a sack, 1 item disappeared (Adept’s Azure Way Staff)

Bug Report7941NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedDaevaornPlacing item onto stone block with basin in "guildlaw" ...14.11.2023 Task Description

I have been trying to place decoration and a book onto the stone block in the entrance area of the guildlaw map (our guildhouse instance of it)
A weapon as well as the book have disappeared inside the map geometry instead of on the surface.

Without command line support for targetting comparable to what we used to have in legacy (/target next item) I don’t see any way of retrieving an item lost this way.

Bug Report7940NoModels and MapsVery LowUnconfirmedDaevaornGrass patches floating between shelves in the library14.11.2023 Task Description

There’s a minor map glitch in Jayose library.
On the ground floor there’s a patch of grass blades floating between the shelves in mid air.

Bug Report7939NoCrashesCriticalCould not VerifyDaevaornItems keep randomly disappearing form containers in gui...29.11.202331 Task Description

When I learned about the new transformation mode I took it upon myself to clean up our guildhouse.

In the process I removed many old items from the map and stored them in containers instead.

While I did this occasional crashes happened, which on returning seem to have deleted items stored in these containers.
I have lost roughly 70% of player generated/crafted items, some of historical value this way, as well as many player crafted weapons and armours of highest quality.

A very alarming issue.

If my asumption is correct the server automatically deletes any item that it suspects to be involved in crashes. While this maybe desired behaviour in terms of the technical side of things, in terms of a persistent game world this is REALLY, REALLY bad, if true.

Bug Report7938NoSoundsLowFixed pending releaseDaevaornTutorial lacking game music after initial piece29.11.2023 Task Description

As reported to me by a new player today, the new tutorial map only plays game music once for about two minutes.
After that it goes silent with only ambience sounds.

The player described the atmosphere as creepy and unnvering because of this.

Maybe we could add one or two upbeat pieces of our all time Yliakum favourites playlist and loop that?

Bug Report7937NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedRykiaBe able to see several text lines in all chat windows a...12.11.2023 Task Description

Be able to see several text lines in all chat windows after returning from a crash or logging out.
This was available in Legacy. Can it also be available in PSU?

Feature Request7936NoCharactersHighUnconfirmedDaevaornCannot target players sitting on a mount12.11.2023 Task Description

A player that is mounted on a Rivnak or Drifter cannot be targeted, for actions such as trade, or even emotes.#

It doesn’t make a difference whether you click player geometry or the mount’s, you always end up selecting the mount over the player.

Even if one could argue for trading that it might be inteded (which I don’t think is overly realistic, since you can hand someone on a mount a loaf of bread), itt would be very strange to greet someone’s pet instead of the owner, when passing on the street, wouldn’t it?

(Selecting high priority since this seriously hampers RP supported with game-mechanics such as emotes)

Bug Report7935NoModels and MapsHighUnconfirmedDaevaornTrapped in the Dwarven Fortress14.11.20231 Task Description

I am now trapped in the entrance area of the Dwarven Fortress for the second time in 24 hours. The door of the cell that gives access to the lower levels closed on its own while I was inside and there seems to be no way of opening it from the inside.

Bug Report7934NoQuestsMediumReady to testDaevaornOld plant name in "Kaiman Jilatt Needs Plant Supplies"26.11.20232 Task Description

One branch of the above mentioned quest requires you to harvest Devil’s Claw which used to be the name for Nicinela. The latter is also accepted by the quest scripts as the required item.
Thus only the quest conversation needs fixing/adaption to the new name.

Players without access to the old naming have no chance solving this, (That’s why I chose medium severity.)

Bug Report7933NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedDaevaornDark Rogue hideout hard to access; broken door inside27.11.20231 Task Description

Entering the doorway to the Dark Rogue hideout in the Abandoned Mine is nigh impossible. I had to crouch-roll several times to go past the doorway. (The other direction, out, works smoothly)

The wooden door to the little chamber behind the hideout is no longer clickable. /ability detect secrets didn’t do anything obvious either.

Bug Report7932NoCraftingMediumUnconfirmedDaevaorn/takestackall stacking on item in hand of same quality06.11.2023 Task Description

If you remove one or more items with a given quality X from a container,
with the command /takestackall or the respective button
while holding another item of quality X in your hand,
the stacking occurs in your hand-slot, even while you are working on the item in that slot.
Thus work done is being interrupted.

Bug Report7931NoMagic SystemMediumUnconfirmedDaevaornMorphing spells no longer change PC's visual appearance05.11.2023 Task Description

Spells that are meant to visually change the player’s appearance (read mesh) don’t work anymore.
(i.e. Gorwealform, Polymorph)

Bug Report7928NoModels and MapsHighUnconfirmedDaevaornPCs can get locked into the Ash Brotherhood Lair05.11.2023 Task Description

A server crash happened while I was inside the Ash Brotherhood Lair.

On restart the stone in the doorway had been reset in its closed position, and I was effectively trapped inside, without a way of triggering the mechanism to re-open the passageway.

There should be a second trigger/gear/switch on the iside.

Bug Report7927NoCrashesCriticalCould not VerifyDaevaornTrap detection crashes the server27.11.20232 Task Description

Using the
/ability detect/remove traps
(as a chat command, not having focused an item, next to a previously triggered Necromantic trap, just outside the first/main chamber of the Ash Brotherhood lair)
crashes the server immediately.

Bug Report7925NoGUILowUnconfirmedRykiaTwo Crystal Way Spells now have the same shortcut icon27.11.2023 Task Description

The following Crystal Way spells have the same shortcut icon.
Blessed Litany

Bug Report7923NoGUILowReady to testDaevaornWar pick lacking icon28.11.20234 Task Description

There is no 2d art / icon to represent a “War Pick” in game.
Inventory cells containing one are not discernable from empty slots.

Bug Report7922NoCombatHighFixed pending releaseDaevaornTrying to cast an attack spell via keyboard shortcut no...29.11.20231 Task Description

It is impossible to use keyboard shortcuts for magic attacks.

Steps to reproduce: Define a shortcut with an attack spell i.e. Stone Fist, assign a key to that shortcut, i.e. “Period” [.]

Trying to cast this way brings up a strange colourful, triangular progress bar, and the system returns “You cannot attack yourself” although an enemy has got a target focus.

Bug Report7921NoInventory/ItemsVery LowUnconfirmedStalfosCompleting Levrus Rat Eye lets you pick from 2 identica...31.10.2023 Task Description

You may pick Energy Glyph or Energy Glyph. And it should be Levrus’ Rat Eyes

Bug Report7920NoNPC DialogMediumUnconfirmedStalfosWithout a way - tell me about circles bug.31.10.2023 Task Description

The first time a character does With a Way Levrus asks what thier favourite way is then there is an option of “Sure, you already told me about Circles” which Levrus does not recognise.

Bug Report7919NoSoundLowUnconfirmedStalfosImporting music crashes client27.11.20231 Task Description

ON a blank piece of music, clicking Compose, and then Select (whether or not a mid file is found)

All this is posted in terminal when I click Select:

[2023.10.31-14.08.05:505][712]LogTemp: APlaneshiftPlayerControllerBase::RequestLoadMidiFile
[2023.10.31-14.08.05:505][712]LogFileManager: Warning: ReadFile failed: Count=0 Length=4096 Error=errno=21 (Is a directory) for file
Signal 11 caught.
Malloc Size=262146 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=262162
CommonUnixCrashHandler: Signal=11

Critical error:

Unhandled Exception: SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to read memory at address 0×0000000000000004

[2023.10.31-14.08.05:537][712]LogCore: Fatal error!

0×0000000003713997 PSUnrealClient!UMidiComponent::GetTrackCount() [/home/luke/PSUnreal511/Plugins/MidiAsset/Source/Midi/Private/MidiComponent.cpp:431]
0x0000000004a59598 PSUnrealClient!MusicValidator::ValidateMusicalSheet(UMidiComponent*, FString&) [/home/luke/PSUnreal511/Source/PSUnreal/util/../server/../util/musicutils.h:204]
0x0000000004a594ba PSUnrealClient!UClientSongManager::LoadMidiFile(APlaneshiftPlayerControllerBase*, FString, int, FString&) [/home/luke/PSUnreal511/Source/PSUnreal/client/clientsongmanager.cpp:237]
0x0000000004aca7d6 PSUnrealClient!APlaneshiftPlayerControllerBase::RequestLoadMidiFile(FString, int, FString&) [/home/luke/PSUnreal511/Source/PSUnreal/PlaneshiftPlayerControllerBase.cpp:1590]
0x0000000004982fdf PSUnrealClient!APlaneshiftPlayerControllerBase::execRequestLoadMidiFile(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/PSUnreal511/Intermediate/Build/Linux/B4D820EA/PSUnrealClient/Inc/PSUnreal/UHT/PlaneshiftPlayerControllerBase.gen.cpp:428]
0x0000000004f5e1b7 PSUnrealClient!UFunction::Invoke(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/Class.cpp:6455]
0x00000000050ad1b7 PSUnrealClient!UObject::CallFunction(FFrame&, void*, UFunction*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1129]
0x00000000050ad705 PSUnrealClient!ProcessLocalScriptFunction(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1226]
0x00000000050ad3f4 PSUnrealClient!void ProcessScriptFunction<void (*)(UObject*, FFrame&, void*)>(UObject*, UFunction*, FFrame&, void*, void (*)(UObject*, FFrame&, void*)) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1026]
0x00000000050ad705 PSUnrealClient!ProcessLocalScriptFunction(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1226]
0x00000000050ad3f4 PSUnrealClient!void ProcessScriptFunction<void (*)(UObject*, FFrame&, void*)>(UObject*, UFunction*, FFrame&, void*, void (*)(UObject*, FFrame&, void*)) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1026]
0x00000000050b22e5 PSUnrealClient!UObject::ProcessContextOpcode(FFrame&, void*, bool) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:3136]
0x00000000050ad705 PSUnrealClient!ProcessLocalScriptFunction(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1226]
0x00000000050ad3f4 PSUnrealClient!void ProcessScriptFunction<void (*)(UObject*, FFrame&, void*)>(UObject*, UFunction*, FFrame&, void*, void (*)(UObject*, FFrame&, void*)) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1026]
0x00000000050ad705 PSUnrealClient!ProcessLocalScriptFunction(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:1226]
0x0000000004f5e1b7 PSUnrealClient!UFunction::Invoke(UObject*, FFrame&, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/Class.cpp:6455]
0x00000000050ae796 PSUnrealClient!UObject::ProcessEvent(UFunction*, void*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/ScriptCore.cpp:2125]
0x0000000003402c3e PSUnrealClient!void TMulticastScriptDelegate<FWeakObjectPtr>::ProcessMulticastDelegate<UObject>(void*) const [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Public/UObject/ScriptDelegates.h:498]
0x0000000007366ae2 PSUnrealClient!UButton::SlateHandleClicked() [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/UMG/Private/Components/Button.cpp:217]
0x00000000073ac5c0 PSUnrealClient!TBaseUObjectMethodDelegateInstance<false, UButton, FReply (), FDefaultDelegateUserPolicy>::Execute() const [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Public/Delegates/DelegateInstancesImpl.h:600]
0x00000000054670e1 PSUnrealClient!SButton::ExecuteOnClick() [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Slate/Private/Widgets/Input/SButton.cpp:465]
0x000000000547d082 PSUnrealClient!SButton::OnMouseButtonUp(FGeometry const&, FPointerEvent const&) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Slate/Private/Widgets/Input/SButton.cpp:390]
0x00000000053343ad PSUnrealClient!FSlateApplication::RoutePointerUpEvent(FWidgetPath const&, FPointerEvent const&) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Slate/Private/Framework/Application/SlateApplication.cpp:5033]
0x0000000005316bed PSUnrealClient!FSlateApplication::ProcessMouseButtonUpEvent(FPointerEvent const&) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Slate/Private/Framework/Application/SlateApplication.cpp:5601]
0x000000000533872e PSUnrealClient!FSlateApplication::OnMouseUp(EMouseButtons::Type, UE::Math::TVector2<double>) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Slate/Private/Framework/Application/SlateApplication.cpp:5566]
0x000000000514a8e5 PSUnrealClient!FLinuxApplication::ProcessDeferredMessage(SDL_Event) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/ApplicationCore/Private/Linux/LinuxApplication.cpp:414]
0x000000000514a37c PSUnrealClient!FLinuxPlatformApplicationMisc::PumpMessages(bool) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/ApplicationCore/Private/Linux/LinuxPlatformApplicationMisc.cpp:436]
0x00000000032689f9 PSUnrealClient!FEngineLoop::Tick() [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Launch/Private/LaunchEngineLoop.cpp:5287]
0x0000000003269afa PSUnrealClient!GuardedMain(char16_t const*) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/./Runtime/Launch/Private/Launch.cpp:204]
0x00000000086f0aa0 PSUnrealClient!CommonUnixMain(int, char**, int (*)(char16_t const*), void (*)()) [/home/luke/5.1.1-release/Engine/Source/Runtime/Unix/UnixCommonStartup/Private/UnixCommonStartup.cpp:269]
0×0000000003267029 PSUnrealClient!_start()

[2023.10.31-14.08.05:538][712]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError
Malloc Size=131160 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=393352
Malloc Size=131160 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=524536
Malloc Size=195930 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=720490
[2023.10.31-14.08.05:550][712]LogHAL: Error: FUnixPlatformProcess::CreateProc: File does not exist (/home/Andrew/Documents/PlaneshiftUE/Engine/Binaries/Linux/CrashReportClient)
Engine crash handling finished; re-raising signal 11 for the default handler. Good bye.
Segmentation fault

Bug Report7917NoGuilds/GroupsVery LowUnconfirmedStalfosGuild members show offline when in /who31.10.2023 Task Description

Also says in Main chat “Guild Member just joined Planeshift” yet has a No under Online.

Bug Report7916NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedStalfosInescapable Hole30.10.2023 Task Description

ojaroad2 457484 -324254 12385

Bug Report7914NoCraftingHighCould not VerifyDaevaornDropping an item in an occupied container slot doesn't ...29.11.202362 Task Description

affected version: 0.7.38 (couldn’t be set yet as the version)

When trying to drop an item on an occupied container slot, the item remains “in limbo”, i.e. nothing happens.

This affects crafting severly:
Shift-clicking a stack placed into a container, you have always been able to “fan out” stacks of items in containers for crafting processes that would individually change quality (thereby averaging the random factor of the process).
This is no longer possible.

Bug Report7912NoNPC DialogVery LowReady to testStalfosQuests Typos29.11.202315 Task Description

When you say “Using weapons is all well and good, but what about armour?” on the 5th line after that he says “You should just ware…” should be wear

Bug Report7911NoCombatLowUnconfirmedStalfosPet refuses to attack27.10.20231 Task Description

It says the pet has successfully targeted the creature , but will not attack with /pet attack. This is on One-Eyed Rats that can be killed by player, shows the same error on Kikiris mind you, that can’t be killed by player.

Bug Report7907NoCharacters AnimationVery LowUnconfirmedDaevaornEnchanting gems rendered as digging animation25.10.2023 Task Description

When using an enchanter my character is digging or lunging.

This should be the same animation as spell casting IMO.

Bug Report7900NoBugtrackerLowFixed pending releaseUadjetA couple typos, easy to fix23.10.202311 Task Description

In the quest Jirosh’s Stolen Status, it says “Lori told you the name of the person in Smear.” The word “In” should be “is”.

When awarded the achievement for getting your first glyph, the popup says “and wait the process to completed.” It should be “and wait for the process to be completed.”

Bug Report7899NoModels and MapsVery LowUnconfirmedDaevaornTrees in the riverbed near Raurim17.10.2023 Task Description

Similar but not identical to FS#7871

Four trees growing in the center of the riverbed at /pos
raurim_area 632871.68 -471483.83 9353.26

Although not impossible to have them grow in the water, it’s highly unlikely they’d grow at the center of the stream.

Feature Request7897NoUser InterfaceLowUnconfirmedDaevaornFeature request: NPC Interaction window/view severly la...17.10.20232 Task Description

The NPC interaction window can only be controlled via mouse clicks, which is extremely cumbersome – particularly giving the full screen scale – bordering the unintuitive for some parts,.

Going back and forth between the menu entries and the dialogue window to click the progression arrow is cumbersone as well as leaving the view (and here we are extremely unintuitive) with a mouse click in the corner, instead of supporting the Escape key.

My proposals (ranked by importance, most important first):

1) allow for exiting the view by assigning the ESC key to the leave button
2) allow for dialogue progression by hitting the space bar (having your character jump in this view is really an expendable “feature”) or at least have the arrow key right assigned to that right pointing arrow appearing under the lefthand dialogue section.
3) selecting conversation options on the right-hand side via numbers 1-9 (range should suffice for 99% of the present cases).

Bug Report7896NoCraftingLowUnconfirmedDaevaornAmdeneir tavern kitchen lacking a (hotspot for a) prepa...17.10.2023 Task Description

While the tavern’s kitchen in Amdeneir has all the smaller pieces of equipment, the tables and stove they are standing on don’t offer any interaction to open an oven, a grill or a preparation table respectively.

I’d expect there to be at least a preparation table accessible.

Feature Request7895NoRendering IssuesLowPostponedDaevaornNightvision ability not working inside dark buildings23.10.20231 Task Description

The nightvision effect (cool stuff BTW) does not actually improve sight when inside a very dark buildinig, e.g. the Amdeneir tavern.

(One can of course argue in terms of realism, that nightvision needs residual light to work, but I counter that with the fact that any publicly accessible building should have more than enough residual light. – It should have enough light not to require that ability in the first place!)

Bug Report7894NoQuestsMediumReady to testDaevaorn"Beer Tasting Event" quest cannot be taken up02.11.20234 Task Description

The quest “Beer Tasting Event” (that I understand is the one to start into the Brewing skill) is not working as intended.


When I initiate the quest dialog in the interaction menu with a double click on the option
“You brew ales and beers I see, and smell.”

the quest master replies with the generic
“Looks like you are in search of fame and honour. Unfortunately I have not tasks to help you in that.”

The quest is not taken up accordingly.


The quest dialogue should be properly initiated and a quest log entry should appear after that.

Bug Report7890NoGUILowFixed pending releaseStalfosShortcuts only remember 5 commands29.10.20231 Task Description

Any other commands are deleted

Bug Report7889NoGUILowCould not VerifyStalfosItems sometimes dropped instead of moved into container31.10.202361 Task Description

When moving items into bags or around within a container it can instead be dropped onto the floor or wall where the mouse cursor landed.

Bug Report7888NoModels and MapsMediumUnconfirmedStalfosArena Furnace and Forge unuseable09.10.2023 Task Description

It says the Furnace/Forge are too far away, even if you stand on the lip.

Bug Report7883NoCraftingVery LowUnconfirmedStalfosCrafting shows 2 different exp for 1 action30.09.2023 Task Description

These 2 values for experience should be merged for a less verbose log.

Bug Report7879NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedMohonin DitinNew player Welcome Hydlaa Map Problem30.09.2023 Task Description

The new player to Hydlaa from the BD come with some maps given. Basically 2 x maps, 1 is Hydlaa main city map and 2 is East Hydlaa. Both these 2 maps i found in my Inventory just after arriving in Hydlaa Plaza with my new Characters. The issue/bug is just can’t open or use the map. The right click of mouse on the map does nothing. And as the rt clk does nothing so the option of clking the ‘use’ icon is definitely not there, plus the map cannot be drag and dropped in the black area in middle of the inventory. Thus No map drawing to be seen, as was in legacy and No addition of Map to the compendium.

Bug Report7878NoCraftingHighUnconfirmedStalfosWorking with Stock and Rare Stock missing items06.10.20234 Task Description

Working with Stock only shows Quicksilver Vial, even though I have Metallurgy 200.

Working with Rare Stock shows all the categories at the top level, but after expanding, many of the sub categories show nothing when clicked such as sludges, and unheated stocks or ingots, although clicking the moltens will tell you which combination of metals is needed.

Bug Report7874NoGUILowUnconfirmedDamolaDoes not scroll to the end of a multi line message27.10.2023 Task Description

In addition to bug FS#7859 there is another scrolling bug.

PSUnreal scrolls down during chat, but on multi line messages it does seem to forget about the last line of the message. It scrolls down towards the second last line of the message.

Bug Report7873NoGUILowUnconfirmedDamolazooming in on character does not center on character27.10.2023 Task Description

Zooming in on the character does not center on character.

Instead is zooms to a point right of the character so the character is zoomed out of view to the left hand side.

I think that has to do that the character, in this case a female Nolthrir, is not centered in view. From the left border of the PSUnreal window, maximized to Full HD resolution in windowed mode, it is about 855 pixel to Damola’s right hand when she looks into the camera. From the right hand border to the left hand, again with Damola looking into the camera, it is about 990 pixel, according to a screen ruler program.

What I think is happening here is that PSUnreal actually zooms in on the center of the view, but Damola is not there, but somewhat to the left from the center.

I also tried it in windowed mode with a resolution of just 1280×800 pixels. Still the same, Damola is not in the center. Same goes with full screen on Full HD resolution. Or windows mode with 1600×900 pixels. It does not seem to depend on the resolution.

Bug Report7871NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedferrettrees in the deepest part of emerald river29.10.20231 Task Description

just found 4 trees in emerald river. 2 saplings, completely submerged, a slightly larger sapling close to the bank with its head out of the water and a fully grown fir

/pos -283992.16 -421496.05 1608.69 .. large west.

there are other plants close by but the trees are the main items that need to be moved.

Bug Report7870NoBugtrackerMediumCould not VerifyRykiaAdding 3 lumps of butter to Preparation Table may cause...29.10.20234 Task Description

Adding 3 lumps of butter to the Preparation Table next to Orchibaly in Oja, seems to cause the server to crash. One and two lumps at a time work as expected.This has happened a few times today, but it may be possible that a DEV is also working on something at the same time.

Bug Report7869NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedGongerQuest Telzanna's Professions - options disappear16.07.2023 Task Description

After Telzanna tell about a profession (my character chose cook), the options to ask her about other professions do not appear again.

Bug Report7868NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedGongerQuest Orphia's Magic18.11.20234 Task Description

The option “I’ve made my choice” appears only when you leave the Quest dialog, and initiate it anew.

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