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Bug Report7725NoCharacters AnimationCriticalNewKiFunStuSMagic light is giving no light07.02.2023 Task Description

Magic light is giving no additional light in game after casting it.

on lowest graphics settings no light
on medium no light
on high there is light
epic graphics settings it is showing light

Bug Report7724NoGUILowUnconfirmedferretchecking north gate for traps causes crash07.02.20232 Task Description

no task description

Bug Report7723NoGUIVery LowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelFont size for NPC Text can't be changed05.02.2023 Task Description

Font size in settings for “Speak with NPC Text” or “NPC Response Text” cannot be changed.

Bug Report7722NoNPC Paths/movementLowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelCutthroats Oja Road 2 - Not attacking back, Teleporting...05.02.2023 Task Description

Cutthroats on Oja Road 2 pathing seems problematic. They do not attack back when attacked and repeatedly teleport to this location even while standing here and do not appear to be able to move from this location: ojaroad2 469297.69 -333307.041 5554.62

Feature Request7721NoUser InterfaceLowUnconfirmedVolkiCenter & hide cursor during camera movement04.02.2023 Task Description

In Legacy, moving the camera with the mouse centers the cursor and hides its visibility until the camera movement button is released.

In Unreal, moving the camera with the mouse allows the cursor to visibly move around the screen and stray off the PS window. Fullscreen is not capturing the mouse during non-combat camera movement, so moving camera too far can result in clicking on windows of other applications on another monitor.

Feature request:

Moving camera with mouse buttons to set position of cursor to center of PS window and toggle cursor invisible until mouse button is released.

Bug Report7720NoNPC Paths/movementLowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSmaranga not respawning05.02.2023 Task Description

I killed her testing combat.

she was bugged at the entrance to the stoned pathway.

She was attacking me and using skills, when i walked past her she was still facing into the structure.

Feature Request7719NoGUILowNewKiFunStuSSet Default Collection Bag03.02.2023 Task Description

It would be nice to bea able to make a bag in your inventory the default collection bag.

I think sorting things after that should be manual thou.

Bug Report7718NoInventory/ItemsVery LowFixed pending releaseTrippedOnReality/EnarelInventory Money Amount not updating correctly when loot...04.02.2023 Task Description

When looting money, your inventory amount does not update correctly unless you take something from the loot window.

To reproduce:
1) check inventory money amount
2) kill mob that has money
3) open loot window
4) check system message (”you have looted <money>”)
5) check inventory money amount (will be same as before)
6) loot one item or all items
7) check inventory money amount (will be updated).

If you don’t actually loot any items, your money will not be updated. If you relog or loot another mob, money amount is updated correctly.

Bug Report7716NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseferretTuathanachlarge hole in the outer wall of ojaveda. 03.02.2023 Task Description

maybe the residents of ojaveda have a bigger rat problem than they think they have. there is a huge hole in a side wall that i managed to crawl into the city by. /pos is 549633.75 -382583.72 15338.46.

the pos/puts you in the wall of ojaveda along the same way that the broken road is situated :D

only one way access, in, no out access at all there

Bug Report7715NoModels and MapsLowPostponedKiFunStuSpots out of place by stalag02.02.2023 Task Description

the pots are all out of place. wrong angles and height.

gugrontid 73779.85 -489821.34 10714.60

Can be delayed until after migration..

Bug Report7713NoMiscLowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelAOE spells spam system messages02.02.2023 Task Description

Several area of effect spells (Healing rain, dazzling light, icy ground, tire, probably others) send multiple system messages based on the number of targets affected. For example, with healing rain “You call forth healing rain” is sent 4 times if 4 targets are affected, 8 times if 8 targets are affected.

Bug Report7712NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseVolkiEquipped hand claws are backward05.02.2023 Task Description

Equipped hand claws are rotated such that the blades are inside player character’s arms.

Feature Request7711NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedVolkiPlayer can climb other characters02.02.20231 Task Description

Player can jump or fall onto another character and enter climbing animation and briefly stand on top of another character. Player then falls due to no collision detected.

Both player characters and NPCs are climbable.

Bug Report7710NoInventory/ItemsVery LowUnconfirmedVolkiDragging glyph from sack into Spell Research slot tempo...01.02.2023 Task Description

Dragging a glyph from an inventory container (e.g. sack or glyph sack) into any slot in Spell Research window causes the glyph to disappear from the container until window is re-opened.


- Open Spell Research window from “spellbook”.

- Open glyph sack and drag glyph into any slot in Spell Research window. (Try to use Research or Way slots. Purify Glyph slot only reproducible if right hand has item equipped.)

- Glyph seems to have disappeared from container, but will reappear if window is refreshed.

Additional info:
Dragging glyph from glyph sack on the ground to Spell Research slots puts it into inventory.
Moving a glyph from inventory into Purify Glyph slot equips the glyph in right hand but does not begin purification.
(Not sure if these features are conflicting with spell research.)

Bug Report7709NoGraphical GlitchMediumUnconfirmedferretdelver has some very strange lighting01.02.20231 Task Description

no task description

Bug Report7708NoModels and MapsMediumFixed pending releaseTaladTaladBD_out_X08_Y01 has wrong NavMesh05.02.2023 Task Description

To be fixed before next release (before relighting maps).

Bug Report7707NoMiscLowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelLoot window empty if standing too far away to loot02.02.2023 Task Description

When looting a monster, it’s possible to stand close enough to open the loot window but too far away to actually loot the monster. If you open the loot window while standing too far away, it will appear empty even if there are items there. If you move close enough to loot the monster and click “loot all”, you are able to loot the items even though they do not appear in the loot window. If you close the loot window, move closer, and reopen the loot window, the items appear.

Talad’s Note: move the open window from win_interactUI to the PlayerController receiveloot message, so it opens only if there is loot.

Feature Request7706NoMiscVery LowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelSystem messages for looting money incorrect01.02.20231 Task Description

When looting a monster, there is a system message in main chat saying “<mob> has no money to be looted” when you click “loot all” even if the monster does have money to be looted instead of the correct system message which should tell you how much money you looted (the amount of money looted could also be added to the loot window as a quality of life improvement).

If the monster doesn’t have any money, then there are two system messages in main chat saying “<mob> has no money to be looted”. One appears when you open the loot window, and once when you click “loot all”.

Bug Report7705NoGUIVery LowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelScroll Bar in Skills Window Doesn't Work on All Tabs29.01.2023 Task Description

In the skills window, the scroll bar doesn’t works with scroll button on mouse in all tabs. Works as expected in the Stats and Combat tabs. Does not work in the Magic, Jobs, Various, or Factions tab. The scroll bar needs to be manually grabbed and dragged to see the rest of the window.

The scroll bar also doesn’t scroll down far enough in the factions tab and in order to see the very bottom of the tab; the window has to be resized to see the bottom.

Bug Report7704NoInventory/ItemsLowReady to testTrippedOnReality/EnarelPlants don't appear to respawn05.02.20231 Task Description

Plants don’t appear to respawn. I checked in a few locations (night mushrooms at the magic shop, charm flowers at the ruins).

Bug Report7702NoCombatLowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelKikiri in Oja are not attackable04.02.20231 Task Description

You can’t currently attack the Kikiri in Oja, but in legacy you can attack them. Some Kikiri loot items are needed for crafting.

Feature Request7701NoSoundLowNewHaviland TenouriAllow users to use key-combinations and extended keys29.01.2023 Task Description

When defining keys, it is currently not possible to use key combinations or extended keys of the keyboard. PSU should be able to handle them.

Bug Report7700NoModels and MapsHighFixed pending releaseferretTuathanachoja path broken in a long stretch03.02.20231 Task Description

from /pos514944.16 -366754.09 13795.46 to /pos 521075.41 -372715.62 13579.03, which is part of what is called ojapath, skirting the city to the left as facing the main entrance, is not just broken but looks to be utterly destroyed. Where there was a path, that at a later position, parted and became the road to raurim is no longer there between the /pos locations. Instead we have a huge upswell of ground that almost blocks access to further travel in that direction. One part of this path section has to be jumped up to, and the next, while navigable, has no road. There is a large wall at the second /pos location that forbids all access unless you walk round and flirt with the steep slope there.

also aded to this report is the next section from the blockage to the turn off to ruarim, which while not broken as such, would be classed as very rugged with dips and steep declines in a few places until you reach the turn off to raurim at /pos 539644.56 -381801.56 11838.34 where the start of the road to raurim is in fact broken, though not as badly as ojapath. while the path that continues to the ojaveda side entrance is navigable, it has some slopes that would make it hard for a cart to keep its load.

Bug Report7698NoGraphical GlitchLowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSTuathanachweird graphical glitch while moving02.02.20233 Task Description

/pos hydlaa_plaza 203130.89 -323515.78 10564.44

Move around while looking at this location and you will see a weird graphical glitch

it kind of looks like 2 bars.

I guess an object error

Feature Request7696NoInventory/ItemsLowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelFor stacks of items have slider counter remember previo...28.01.2023 Task Description

In PS Legacy, when selecting an amount from a stack of items, the slider would “remember” what the previous amount was. This would be useful in PS Unreal for subdividing stacks for crafting, especially since /equip /dequip are not currently ported to PS Unreal (which was the other common way of subdividing stacks for crafting).

Bug Report7694NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseferretTuathanachhole found in ojaveda28.01.2023 Task Description

there is a hole in the ground that a rogue has got stuck in. it is at /pos 530312.44 -353596.25 14145.22.

if you get stuck, calling a drifter and mounting, pulls you out of it. the fall puts your body into a strange position or you look to be flying talad style

Bug Report7692NoMagic SystemLowNewKiFunStuSMagic XP perception27.01.2023 Task Description

While casting spells in ways that i do not have max level in.

i receive no information about experience gained in the way

Bug Report7691NoGraphical GlitchLowNewKiFunStuSlighting issue in character selection26.01.2023 Task Description

the light source for the character lighting area is going in and out of focus

Bug Report7690NoBugtrackerLowReady to testHaviland TenouriRespawning Chests seem to respawn even when not taken b...02.02.2023 Task Description

There is a chest in the exit room of the lava cave (213433.95 -771992.00 13103.40) which seems to respawn at least 10 ten time even though nobody has picked it up.
I was able to pick up the chest 10 times in a row.

Bug Report7689NoMiscLowNewHaviland TenouriLogfile opened under the name of my pet05.02.2023 Task Description

Sometimes PSU logs to the wrong logfile, taking my pets name for the logfile instead the name of my character. If I’m not mistaken, the logfile is opened when the first line to log is to be written. If I happen to sit on my pet at the time, the name of my pet is taken instead of the name of my character.

Bug Report7687NoMovementLowUnconfirmedGongerProblems with Mount Movements19.01.20231 Task Description

Narrow gateways that were easily passable for mounts in Legacy are now hard or even impossible to get through. One example is the first stairs going down in the Welcome Area. It takes several tries with jumping to get through. And speaking of jumps, they are much lower than in Legacy, so fences in Hydlaa have become unsurmountable.

Bug Report7684NoBugtrackerMediumNewHaviland TenouriEditing Guildpermissions and Points24.01.20231 Task Description

Giving a Guild level the permission to edit gild points is not honoured. The flag is shown, but if someone of ther permitted group tries to edit the points of himself or another member he gets “you don’t have the permission…”

Additionally, editing permissions is not propageted to other online members. Ie. they do not see any changes in guild privileges.

Bug Report7682NoGUILowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSCharacter information edit remains active after closing...23.01.2023 Task Description

Click self and open description. click edit.

Close the window.

open the description window again,

it is still editable

Bug Report7681NoUser InterfaceLowFixed pending releaseVolkiDescription UI allows copying other players', NPCs' des...23.01.2023 Task Description

Description UI shows edit symbol on other characters’ descriptions and allows them to be edited in the UI. “Description”, “Out of Character Notes”, and “Character Background” can be edited. They are saved to the editing player character’s description. The target’s description is unchanged.

- ‘Look’ at other player character or NPC
- Edit the description
- Click ‘Save’ - Your description should now show as the other character’s description

Bug Report7680NoBugtrackerLowFixed pending releaseGongerNames get duplicated in Guild Screen24.01.2023 Task Description

Changes in the guild screen (editing Member Points or Levels, Inviting people to the guild or remove them) will add all names of Members again, so that you have a listing with n times the names.

Bug Report7675NoGUILowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSChat does not scroll down enough16.01.20232 Task Description

If someone types a long message, the first line will be shown in the chat window, but you will have to scroll down to read the rest of it.


So the chat window scrolls to the bottom line of the newest message, instead of the first line of the newest message.

Bug Report7674NoBugtrackerLowReady to testHaviland TenouriMonsters do not attack back04.02.20234 Task Description

Monsters do not attack by themselfs, and they do not attack back when attacked.
Dlayos prepare to fight, but nothing else. Other monsters do nothing.

Bug Report7661NoQuestsLowCould not Verifyferretquest from krestal dhusho does not complete14.01.20231 Task Description

quest deliver a letter, from krestal dhusho does not complete. delivery to mr yasoj completes without words. but the letter to kora windstone is rejected. she does not accept the letter at all and krestal dhusho is unable to complete the quest without that delivery being accepted.

krestal is in hydlaa plaza . pos 207830.66 -335409.66 10595.37

mr yasoj is in fact benack yasoj . pos akk central 538320.75 -370447.25 15354.24

kora windstone is in the wilds of bronze doors 2 road

Feature Request7658NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedferretnolthrir village, and farm in emerald lake08.01.2023 Task Description

now that we have the lake populated with plants and some fishes. i am making a proposal for a kelp bed, seaweed bed, the long bladderwrack that we have in small amounts dotted around, and an area that has algae floating on the surface, with a surround to keep it in the one place. the kelp, and bladderwrack, should be harvestable for nolthrir trading to places that cook, or even to traders (both wandering and in cities)

also i propose a village within the area of the central island, that is on land as well as within the water. the design of the village should look like either a coral reef or large shells. close to the island, there should also be a cave system which i am working on a quest for, and some new monsters for that particular cave system. the caves should really be extensive so that navigation is not easy.

Bug Report7656NoBugtrackerLowNewferretfloating book on ojaroad114.01.2023 Task Description

a floating book, that claims to be a dead bird, is floating and inaccessible as it has no collision and thus not allowed to be picked up. position of the book is found by going to /teleport me map hydlaa_plaza 337145.72 -345854.81 10980.61 on teleport you are directly where the book is situated and on a rivnak, a nolthrir has it head high.

Bug Report7654NoModels and MapsLowNewKiFunStuSWeather not synced06.01.20231 Task Description

when snowing for 1 player, it is not snowing for another

Bug Report7652NoGraphical GlitchLowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSLemur Robe and Plate mail25.01.20231 Task Description

while wearing both a robe and plate mail a graphical error showing transparent body is the problem for people seeing you

Bug Report7644NoGUILowNewKiFunStuSpets Window13.01.20231 Task Description

window resizing has no effect on the displayed information.

or that is as indented, and there should be no resize for it.

Bug Report7642NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSCamp fire cannot be picked up.05.02.20232 Task Description

the only interaction option available is use.

there should also be a pick up option. or a time out till it dissapears

Feature Request7631NoGUILowUnconfirmedKiFunStuSBag Lockers30.12.20222 Task Description

Having a limited number of storage locations for sacks would be a really nice feature.

It would make it much easier for people to sort out their equipment without having to carry it everywhere.

Feature Request7630NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedKiFunStuSgoing forward - test server28.12.2022 Task Description

When Migrate to unreal planeshift 9.0 or 1.0 or etc

start a testing server. gets a data base copy of current unreal stable.
can test game critical changes to avoid roll backs or database compromises.

could also be used to experiment with balance or skill changes in the future.

Feature Request7628NoPerformancesLowUnconfirmedCarbo BoekBenchmarking Tool17.12.202212 Task Description

In the server list, you could have another “server” that’s really stored on the local machine. In this server, it starts the player in a pit with a bunch of NPCs casting spells over and over. Maybe 5 NPCs repeatedly casting magic light, and 20 casting random spells. The pit should be a “worst realistic case” scenario so that players can tinker with graphical settings in there.

Bug Report7625NoModels and MapsLowCould not VerifyKiFunStuSGobo Root in the sky29.01.20233 Task Description

gugrontid 70530.35 -47897.44 10719.28

Feature Request7622NoGame BalanceLowUnconfirmedKiFunStuSReduce effectiveness of mind drain11.12.20222 Task Description

currently the spell will drain well over 1000 mana points
normal max mana is 500

perhaps full duration of a cast at full power could drain 500

Feature Request7621NoGame BalanceLowUnconfirmedKiFunStuSRace Based Equipment restrictions09.12.20221 Task Description

1. Avoid lore experts needing to tell people they are wearing something their race is not supposed too.
2. limit the level of power gaming

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